Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Holiday House

You will have to excuse the remnants of Santa laying around, and the unorganized entertainment cabinet. The plan is to put a fireplace where the tree is.
You can tell that I am not a very good photographer, there are several blurry pictures. Oh! there is a bag of trash next to the back door, what was I thinking!

Here is the little nook in Nicolas' room.
We did a log cabin theme in his room because we loved going to the Smokies so much.
This is Mackenzie's room, notice all of her stuffed animal friends on the bed and all of her artwork on her bulletin board.
and more stuffed animals hanging on for dear life in the net in the corner, you can see my storage dilemma in her room. There is absolutely no more room for any more stuffed animals.

You can see why I have a meltdown if they start falling out of their net.

I have a Christmas tree problem, I can't go near one without wanting to bring it home. I have a tree in every room of the house, including the bathrooms. (See the one on the shelf) I totally forgot to take pictures of the other bathroom, but it has one also. I will be redoing the other bathroom shortly, so will be posting before and after pictures soon.
My bedroom, yes that is another Christmas tree at the foot of the bed. Our goal is to add a new Master bedroom and bath so Mackenzie could have this room. We also want to add a Sunroom off of our Dining room (which I also forgot to take pictures of) I guess I will need at least 2 more Christmas trees when this happens, ha ha.

This is how I winterize my bedroom, I just change out pillows. It makes it easy for me to keep
a neutral spread and change out pillows for the seasons.

I will be posting updated pictures of the house later room by room. As the count down to Spring cleaning begins, I would love to have your comments and fresh new ideas for some easy and inexpensive updates to each one.